Become a highly rewarded Performance Mindset Coach to Athletes.

Join Sports Hypnosis Expert Caryn Bird as she pulls back the curtain on the lucrative sports hypnosis niche. Grow your practice, targeting a highly motivated, highly valuable client niche.

June 6th, 2024, 3PM EDT


24 hour replay will be available

$27 will get you lifetime replay



Most therapists think that you need to have been an athlete to work with athletes. But it’s just not the case.

Athletes know their sport – they’re not looking to you for guidance on technique or strategy.

They’re looking to you for help with their mindset – something you do for all of your clients.

What you may be missing is a systematic approach to getting athletes through your doors and putting them through a process that achieves consistent results, and which turns them into raving and referring fans.

If you’d like to see the approach that I use, and that I’ve taught to hundreds of hypnotherapists around the world, join me at Supercharge Your Hypnosis Practice where I’ll show you how to work with athletes to build a thriving hypnosis practice.

Avoid the key mistake that new therapists make when working with athletes

Follow a proven script to convert 90% of athlete leads into clients

Get transformational results for any kind of athlete in just 4 sessions

Create a consistent flow of athlete leads, without paid advertising

Adopt a proven a system to fasttrack your success in sports hypnosis

Leverage your results with athletes for exponential referrals

Supercharge Your Practice

Become a highly rewarded Performance Mindset Coach to Athletes.


23 February 2024, 3PM EDT


This workshop is for you if...

You’re currently working with athletes and are curious about a system that achieves better and more reliable results

You’d like to build a sports hypnosis practice and become a sought after therapist to elite athletes and high performers

You want to attract more clients into your clinic and are open to exploring the profitable sports hypnosis niche

What others are saying...

“Caryn has a wealth of information that she generously offers and I have to say that her protocol for working with athletes is so straight forward, user friendly, practical and it just works. Not only does it work with sports, but it really works well for virtually any area.”
Mark Lakowske, CTC CMHt
Clinical Hypnotherapist
“I think any hypnotherapist with an interest in developing the skill set needed to position themselves to serve this market would see remarkable progress by taking Caryn’s training.”
Thomas Mulryne CHt
Clinical Hypnotherapist
“Not only is this program good for sports, but with a little tweaking, it is also perfect for business and the arts. In fact, my first Peak Performance client was a businessman who loved it! ”
Sherris Shank
Clinical Hypnotherapist

About Caryn


Performance Mindset Coach to championship winning athletes and teams


I’m the founder of Win With Hypnosis in Burlington, Wisconsin and for 20 years I’ve worked with coaches and athletes at all levels to build confidence and mental toughness.

It continues to be a rewarding niche in terms of the positive contribution I get to make to individual athletes and the community, but also in terms of how it’s allowed me to build a highly successful hypnotherapy practice.

Have you always wondered what it would be like to work with athletes and high performers? Perhaps you’ve treated the odd amateur or pro athlete over the years and imagined how amazing it would be to work with athletes full time. But how do you get into the sports niche? And do you know what it takes to deliver programs for athletes?

At ‘Supercharge Your Hypnosis Practice’, I’m going to show you exactly how I built my 6 figure hypnotherapy practice, working with athletes.

Supercharge Your Practice

Become a highly rewarded Performance Mindset Coach to Athletes.


6 June, 2024, 3PM EDT


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Common questions

The workshop is on February 23 at 3pm EDT/ 12pm PDT. Check what time the workshop runs in your local timezone.

There will be a replay available for 24 hours.  If you would like lifetime access to the workshop, please choose the $47 option in “choose your price”.


There is nothing you need to prepare, however having paper and pen would be great.

Also make sure you have water to sustain you through the workshop and clear any commitments that might distract you as best you can.

You are more than welcome to share this signup page with others, the more that receive this information the more we can all be successful.

Of course. The athlete is the expert in their sport.  We just help them manage their mind with the same protocol for every athlete.

Absolutely. If you’re just getting established or are primarily interested in working with athletes, this will enhance your business and help you bring in more money.  This doesn’t have to be your niche. You can still work with your niche clients.

After you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a Zoom link to attend and you’ll be able to add the workshop to your calendar. You’ll also receive some reminder emails and a text message leading up to the workshop. If you don’t receive any email correspondence from us, and there’s nothing in your spam folder, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.