Sports Hypnosis Success Program

Attitude of a Champion

Empower athletes to become champions as a Certified Performance Mindset Expert. Discover how with the Attitude of a Champion Program.

Testimonial from Sally Barker, CHT

Gold Medal Sports Hypnosis Training for Hypnotherapists.

Follow your passion and create a successful business as Performance Mindset Expert.

Attitude of a Champion is a complete system and coaching program, preparing you to serve elite athletes as a professional sports hypnotherapist!
“Although I have been working with several sports categories and athletes the Program has provided additional insights on how to structure my coaching sessions for maximum benefit.”


Based on my proven Attitude of a Champion Sports Hypnosis Success System.

My Attitude of a Champion Sports Hypnosis Success System is the culmination of 16 years experience working with coaches, parents, and athletes to build mental toughness and forge high performance mindsets.



Connect with coaches with an offer to present to their team on performance mindsets.


Deliver a structured, interactive team workshop on developing a mental edge.


Conduct a complimentary initial strategy session to offer a personalised hypnosis program.


Relax and reconnect the athlete with their goals and embed self confidence triggers.


Equip the athlete with mental tools to direct their focus and short-circuit negative thoughts.


Empower the athlete with hypnotic tools for ongoing maintenance of their mental edge.


For athletes with profound mental challenges, use advanced techniques to rebuild confidence.

A step by step system for marketing, selling and delivering mental toughness programs to athletes, coaches and parents.

Attitude of a Champion is not just a technique, but an entire sports hypnosis business system spanning marketing, sales and program delivery when coupled with Marketing Mastery.

This course will cover the 4 key sessions and the strategies to teach athletes how to master the mental tools and mental training steps required to reach their peak performance and acquire the attitude of a champion.

As a bonus, we will discuss how to tap into the market with sports teams and how to help athletes overcome performance anxiety and mental blocks.

No trial and error, no confusion – just a straightforward system to apply.

Discover how to build powerful strategic connections with the people who are already in front of athletes – Coaches – so that you can easily convert teams into individual clients.

I’ll provide you with my Ready To Go Marketing Solution to market your program and see a steady stream of clients immediately.

You’ll be able to implement my proven 4 Step Funnel including a letter that Coaches send out to Athletes and their Parents, and deliver my Attitude of a Champion Team Presentation that has captivated teams and their coaches saving you hours of work.

No more wondering where to find clients, who to market to, or how you will afford a marketing campaigns as you see 2 to 3 referrals per athlete you’ve treated.

Understand exactly what to do once you’ve signed on an athlete so that they arrive for their first session ready to go.


Master Session #1 and apply my suite of templates, including Successful Pre-Talk for Athletes, Intake Form, Champion Script, and my powerful “Daily Mental Success Training” template to help athletes strengthen their subconscious pathways for increased confidence in-between sessions.


You’ll be able to start the sessions on a winning note by reviewing the clients best results of the past week, talking about the value of a championship attitude and discussing how their thoughts create their reality.

Master powerful mindset tools distilled from years of pouring over Olympic Training Manuals and High Performance literature and applying them in sessions.

You’ll learn the exact method for arming your client with the perfect self-hypnosis technique for athletes and we’ll explore the Mental Toughness Training Program and Circle of Excellence visualization tool.

Upon completion, your client will leave recommending you to others not only for sports hypnosis but for school performance, test anxiety, weight loss and much more.

Confidently diagnose when an athlete needs extra work with a Performance Block, and select the correct technique to apply.

I will introduce you to the Rocky Mountain Protocol, explain when to use it and how the sessions flows when working with an athlete with an injury.

You will feel confident to work with any athlete with any challenge. We will also cover how to work with an athlete that is struggling with Performance Anxiety and Mental Blocks.

I will hold your hand throughout the 5 months of the program so that you feel confident working with every athlete.

Sports hypnosis can be a profitable niche, whether just beginning a practice or having a successful, established practice as a peak performance coach.

Using the systems and resources in this program, any hypnotist or sports psychologist can easily bring a practice to full-time status and see substantial client uptake in a matter of months.

What's in the program

Multimedia Lessons
High quality video and text based lessons are issued weekly and form the basis for coaching.
Scripts & Tools
A multitude of scripts and tools, including breakthrough work and fear busting visualizations.
Hypnosis Audios
Ready made hypnosis audios for creating abundance and confidence for public speaking.
Sample Presentations
Videos and audios showing you how to deliver sessions and presentations to teams.
Marketing Funnel
A detailed and comprehensive funnel with templates and emails to get athletes in your doors.
Live Coaching
Multiple live group coaching calls a month and 2 x VIP 1/2 day practice sessions.
Online Community
Lifetime membership of the AOC Champions private Facebook Group + Whatsapp group.
Ongoing Support
Monthly Open Office Hours with Caryn for Q&A support as you start implementing the system.
Bonus #1
Letter to Coaches

Professional and effective outreach email script to coaches that gets you in front of teams.

Bonus #2
Conversion Letter
Effective follow-up letter template to send to teams to convert them into individual clients.
Bonus #3
Initial Call Script
Script to use with a potential client wanting more information on a sports hypnosis program.
Bonus #4
Pre-talk Audio Recording
An audio example of the exact pre-talk I use to convert athlete leads into clients.
Bonus #5
Tips for Parents
A valuable resource to help parents support their child’s performance mindset training.
Bonus #6
Social Media Templates
30+ pre-designed Facebook/Instagram posts to promote your business to athletes.
Bonus #7
Success Visualization
A fear-busting visualization to get you in front of teams and your first athlete through the door.


What Clients Are Saying

Caryn Bird's program Attitude of A Champion is practical, thorough and very well delivered. Not only is this program good for sports, but with a little tweaking, it is also perfect for business and the arts. In fact, my first Peak Performance client was a businessman who loved it! I highly recommend this to any hypnotherapist wanting to grow their business serving highly motivated clients.
Sherris Shank CHT
I just want to say how impressed I am with the entire program. I have been considering developing my own sports hypnosis program and just haven’t had the time to do it. When I saw that Caryn was offering one I jumped on it. I knew it would be an incredible time saver. I’ve downloaded everything so far and have worked on developing the list of schools. Really great material and very complete. So glad I signed up for this!
Dr. Melissa Rich CHt
Caryn has a wealth of information that she generously offers and I have to say that her protocol for working with athletes is so straight forward, user friendly, practical and it just works. Not only does it work with sports, but it really works well for virtually any area. She lays it all out, it’s step-by-step and she gives you everything you need to ensure success for your clients and your practice!
Mark D. Lakowske CTC CMHT
I really enjoyed and got a lot out of the Attitude of a Champion Program. I thought the material was presented in a cohesive and easy to follow format. The part that I liked best was the frame that you deliver to the athlete of them having an inner coach and then repeating the words they used back to them. I think any hypnotherapist with an interest in developing the skill set needed to position themselves to serve this market would see remarkable progress by taking Caryn’s training.
Thomas P. Mulryne CHt
Caryn is one of the most authentic, generous coaches I know – and I’ve known quite a few. Her Attitude of a Champion course is outstanding. When she says she includes everything for one to build or add to an existing practice, she means just that. She is generous with her time and makes herself available to provide individual and additional support when needed. And, I love her energy – she’s just a beautiful human being – a joy to work with. I endorse and recommend Caryn without hesitation and with great enthusiasm.
−Karen Ross –
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With the Attitude of a Champion Program, I'm taking my 20+ years of sports hypnosis research and business experience and handing it to you on a silver platter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t need any special skills. If you are a trained hypnotherapist, this system is so detailed and inclusive, you will feel like an expert and be confident with your first athlete.

Any and all athletes from youth age through Olympians. The beauty about this program is, it takes the mental training and peak performance coaching piece and doubles the success with the added bonus of solidifying it in the unconscious with hypnosis.

The Attitude of a Champion Program is a six month program but you will have access to it for an entire year.

Absolutely. The concepts are the same, confidence and visualization is key and that’s all covered.